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Set-point Titrator-ToosNano


Toos Titrant -TN-555


Titration method
Potentiometric titration   (acid/base titrations)
Measuring range
pH: 0 to 14, Resolution 0.1 pH
mV: -500 to +500mV, Resolution 1mV
Electrode inputs
Indicator electrode: 1
Reference electrode: 1
Titration steps
(1) step
Number of endpoints
(1) endpoint
Endpoint detection
Automatic detection by:
-Set point
pH calibration
2 or 3 points (ASTM/US standard/JIS tables)
Data storage capacity
Not Limeted
Buret capacity
Built-in battery for   backup
Micro Pump
Potentiometric titration minimum   drop size = 0.1 mL
External Input/Output
USB Connection
ToosNano ToosTitrant Software (WINDOWS Based)
Power requirement
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 100VA
Dimensions / Weight
310(W) x 270(D) x 310(H)   mm / Approx. 4kg
Set-point Titrator
Set-point Titrator is an easy to use, fast and affordable automatic mini titrator designed for testing titratable acidity levels in dairy products. Based on an acid-base titration method, this mini titrator uses an optimized pre-programmed method of analysis with a powerful algorithm that determines the completion of the titration reaction by the use of a specialized foodcare pH electrode.

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Novel Nano Scaled Technologies Development Company (ToosNano) is an engineering company aiming to design and fabrication laboratory automation and smart systems.
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