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Peristaltic pump - ToosNano

  • Maximum Flow  Rate:150 ml/min
  • Maximum  Discharge: 2 Bar
  • Speed:3-150 RPM
  • Pump Head:Acetal and Polyamide, Stainless  Steel Shafts, Nylatron® Rollers, Ball Race Bearings
  • Motor:Permanent Magnet with Long Life  Brushed Motor
  • Rotor: Polycarbonate  , Stainless Steel
  • Power Supply:220V AC 50/60Hz with Fuseless  Resetable Switch
  • Protection  Class: IP40
  • Standard Tube  Materials: Verderprene, Silicone, Viton®  and Tygon®
  • Tube Sizes: 1 x 3mm, 3 x 5mm
  • Weight:2 kg
  • Dimensions: W291 x H168 x D258mm
  • Number of  Heads:Single Head
  • USB  Connection: ToosNano Peristaltic  Software (WINDOWS Based)


Peristaltic pump - ToosNano
Peristaltic pumps, also known as tubing pumps, are a type of positive displacement pump. A tubing pump can pump a variety of fluids and is a critical and reliable part of processes ranging from chemical transfer to pharmaceutical processing to wastewater treatment.
The peristaltic pump features a unique design — a drive system turns a set of rollers which compress and release flexible tubing as they rotate. This squeezing action creates a vacuum that draws fluid through the tubing. The flexible tubing is the only wetted part offering multiple advantages.
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